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Current Projects

  • cj13579/sql2pgrest

    sql2pgrest allows you to convert standard SQL queries into PostgREST URLs.

  • cj13579/open-whois

    A python whois client that is intended to be a drop-in upgrade to the Windows sysinternals whois client with support for significantly more WHOIS formats and domains.

  • 🎄 WingySam/Christmas Community

    A web app for your family's Christmas shopping.

Previous Projects

  • BDA Covid Dashboard - During 2021, the Bermuda Government released numbers but not the same numbers as were reported by the likes of the BBC which made comparing the situation in Bermuda to other countries more difficult. This site was an attempt to solve that problem.
  • Travel Blog - The first project that I made that people other than myself used was a travel blog. At the time this was a self-hosted WordPress site which (its now hosted on Github Pages), given it was running crappy hardware and was prone to my data accidently switching it off, was pretty stable and reliable. We accessed it from all over the world to keep family and friends up-to-date with where we were and what we were doing!
  • Wedding Site - Another site that I know other people visited was our wedding website. At the time it was a self-hosted Wordpress site. Since then its been flattened to static HTML and is hosted from Github Pages.