11 Sep 2010

Facbook colour hacks

So, what a better way to start this newly revamped site but with some good for nothing hacks that may keep you occupied for a little while. Having taken the idea from here I decided to play with the colour ones. I have updated them and added some of my own.

Since the original post was published, Facebook have changed their layout significantly. Although the colour hack in the original post still works, due to these layout changes it doesn’t work nearly as effectively. In addition to this, I have discovered some more, meaning if you want to, you can turn the whole page another colour!!

So, what do you need to do? This is really simple, all you need to do is copy and paste the following code snippets into your browser’s address bar (e.g. where it says http://www.facebo…..) over the top of where the Facebook URL is.

To make the area around the search bar a different colour simply use:


To make the blue bar that spans the screen turn another colour use:


To make the shortcuts to Friend Request, Messages and Notifications turn red use:


To make (on IE) most of the page go red. But on firefox just make the area on the left where your online friends and shortcut to profile are displayed use:


There is absolutely no point in doing this other than you can. Enjoy.